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An UnrealFanbois Production.

There are thousands of adventurers out there eager to enter a dungeon and test their strength, slay an enemy or two and collect some treasure. Did you ever stop to wonder who prepares the dungeons for these adventurers?
'Dungeon Service' is one of the top companies taking care of lighting the candles, sweeping the floors and making it overall cozy for the next adventurer. You play as one of their staff, a demon condemned for eternity to clean and prepare the dirty dungeons for the next adventurer.

This is a game about the other side of the Dungeon.

This is a non-violent game.

Now supports Keyboard and Mouse.


UnrealFanbois_DungeonService_v03.zip 166 MB

Development log


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A great little game, the mood, art style, setting, and gameplay are air-tight, I would buy a full length version in a heartbeat!

A note to other players, it looks like no other controller but Xbox will do, I couldn't get my generic Power-A Nintendo Switch wired pro-controller recognized. The keyboard controls, very thoughtful addition, are completely serviceable though. The game is a bit cpu-intensive, I have a very everyday laptop and while the game did run, there was  noticeable lag when I walked around.  I still enjoyed my playthrough very much regardless.


A final thought on the ending.  Likely it was simply a necessary quick finish to a game jam game, but it really hit me hard! The game begins with the demon bemoaning being stuck cleaning dungeons 'forever'. This is the line every hero delivers before some great event kickstarts their story. You clean some dungeons, cry for the blobs, go to your room. The end. No break from the ordinary, and you realize the demon has no story. He's stuck, no joke, forever. I'll think of him every time I go into a dungeon, poor guy!

I played your game 


I love the game design and all but I feel bad for the blobs ;w;


Thanks! Yeah - we felt bad for them too:'<


I simply love this. How does anyone come up with that idea? I wish I was more creative. Also the graphics, sounds, everything just perfectly came together. Thank you for providing a big laugh! <3

I remember I randomly came upon the video of the Candle Demon from Doom on youtube and thought; maybe this could be something we could twist into the jam theme:) 

Glad you liked it!


I love this game :) General mood and sounds and the idea are great.



this was super fun! but every time i lit something on fire with my torch and turned i would spaz out and fly in the air for a second this was very frustrating and make lighting the candles really annoying plz fix.
P.S this was frickin FAN TASTIC and i wish it was longer.

Oooh - interesting find! We didn't test the game properly on other specs so we didn't find that glitch:< If we continue on it we'll make sure to fix that!

(Glad you liked it!!)

I had the same glitch btw. It's not a big issue since you can continue playing without any bugs but I guess its not expected to happen. :D


I enjoyed playing this game lots! It’s definitely a different aspect of dungeon adventuring! Very cool, satisfying game 😊


I had fun playing such a relaxing game.


ce jeu est vraiment très amusent bravo !



So this game cannot be played on PC unless you have a game controller? If so I am so so disappointed I won't get to play it because I do not own a game controler :(

Hey, SuzieQue! Yeah, I'm afraid that currently it's only playable with a controller...

Hello again, SueziQue! I've now added Keyboard+Mouse support for the Game if you want to try it out:)

That's fantastic! I'll go download right now and check it out. Thank you!

I downloaded but when I went to play the game, the mouse moves the room around but keyboard (E), (R) or (T) does nothing.  I don't understand how to use the controls.


Its a really fun game, though I have to mention there was a bug where when I jumped at one point, I super jumped into the air and out of the level with no way to get back.

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, we didn't have time enough to bug test it so there are a couple of gamebreaking bugs in there:/


What are the controls on pc?

Hey, RobbieG! Sorry but currently the build only works with a controller, so no keyboard/mouse support at this time.

PC controls are now added - if you still want to try it out:)


Had a great time watching it again



this was a really fun game it made me think of the lore and history of dungeons! really great job video will be up tommorrow but ima look up some dungeon lore

Thanks, Marxxiez:D Glad it inspired you!


the game crashed as soon as i plugged my ps4 controller in do i absolutly need an xbox controller bcause i really cant afford one :/

Hey, QuirkyQ32!
We've never published a game before so I'm afraid I have no experience with this issue. From a quick search on the interwebs it seems that you'll have to be approved by Sony to make Ps4-controllers work natively:/
There are other 3d party programs for this, it seems, but I have no experience of them so I can't recommend anything >_>
But if we'll add the Keyboard/Mouse after the gamejam is done maybe you could try it out then instead:)

Hello QuirkyQ32! I've added Keyboard+Mouse support for the Game if you want to try it out:)


I had such fun playing this! I hope you continue to work on it and add more content as well as a bit of narrative! Fantastic!

Thank you for telling us! Happy to hear you liked it:)

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How am I supposed to play with mouse/keyboard?


Hey, Throllos! Sadly we only made it for Controller. Would be a quick fix to add keyboard support - I can fix it after the gamejam event is over!


This is now fixed in the latest upload!


This was a lot of fun! Really enjoy the concept and how it's implemented. I think it could be a really great larger game. If you do expand on it it definitely needs either a challenge or at least some way in which your actions affect future adventurers. 


Aah, thanks! Always fun to see people react to your game:) 

I agree that if it would be expanded that it would need more of a 'game'-mechanic to pose more of a challenge or keep the interest


Man, I LOVE this concept. Would definitely buy the full game <3


Really glad you liked it!:) 


Loved it! I'm very confused where to comment, here or on the jam page, well anyway great work, be sure to check out ours too if you like local multiplayer! (https://zwizausch.itch.io/clash-of-coins)

Best from Berlin!

Thanks, Zwi! If I find a coop partner I'll def try it out:)

Awesome, let us know what you think or if anything doesn't work ✌


gioco ben fatto fatto, lagga un po ma per il resto ben fatto


This is great, I really hope you do decide to expand upon it


:D Thanks!


this was so cute and fun, i would love to see a longer if not full game out of this.  


^_^ Thank you - Glad you like it!


I didn't like it, I loved it.  such a unique idea and beautiful mechanics. thb I want a blob plushie lol. keep up the good work. 


Fantastic premise and the artwork and animation are excellent! Would love to see it expanded on with more levels!  :)

Thank you!:) The foundation is there - so who knows, would be fun to make it a bit longer/better


Unfortunatly the VR plugins are still enabled on this project, so I am unable to use the controller since it links to SteamVR

If I close SteamVR it closes the game despite not having anything to do with it

Oooh man, I didn't even know that was a thing!:< I can't update the build until after the Jam but maybe I can upload a dropbox file with the setting disabled...

This is the exact same build but with VR plugins disabled, if you want to try it:)

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hmm, It still isn't letting me do anything. I am however using a PS4 controller connected by usb so that may be the issue. I thought that unreal listened to both xinput and directinput

Edit: so I downloaded DS4Window to make it look like an xbox 360 controller and it worked just fine

<3 Ah, yeah we only tested it with an Xbox controller. Glad it worked, but too bad it had to be such a hassle - it isn't that big of a game:)

Ah, thanks for this.  I guess the VR stuff is enabled by default for a lot of stuff as you are the second dev I've seen who had this issue.  Appreciate the fix!