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Your teammate just sacrificed his life so that you and your friends could walk on his back to reach the other side - don't mess this up, make his sacrifice count. You didn't get far before you got sacrificed by a friend who threw you at a button to open a gate, lets hope they didn't sacrifice you in vain.
This is a Four Player experience, to be played with Xbox controllers connected to a computer. We realize this is a really small niche but then again- is that not where these experimental Jam games shine the most?
Keyboard works, but also not recommended, WASD to move, R to restart, ESC to cancel, E to use and Q to swap between players.
[p.s. If you still want to try the game, even tho it's a multiplayer game we left the debug-command to swap between characters on the Right Shoulder Button.]


MakeMeCount.zip 119 MB

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