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There must have been a mistake, for you find yourself in a place where only lost and forgotten items belong. 

Maybe you could help unearth some forgotten items and return them to their owners?

Noticed we weren't clear enough on the gliding:
--- When moving down slopes you can hold Right Trigger to glide-surf ---


Only playable with controller input:

Right Trigger: Hold to glide down slopes
X: Interact
A: Jump
B: Dig
Y: Zoom out/in


Made for the Unreal Engine Spring Jam 2020, on the theme "What is hidden in snow comes forth in the thaw".

Made By:
Connecta - Animation, Art, Blueprint
Tireless22 - Art, Sound, Blueprint
Trinxy - Level, Blueprint


LostAndFound.zip 147 MB


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Hey @Connecta, this is beautiful. I really loved Dungeon Service back when we took part in Unreal SPring Jam 2019 btw! Always cool to see the projects you and your team come up with.


Ah, it's been a while, Zwi! Thanks - glad you liked the look of it:)

Happy to see that you've created your own Studio! Hope it goes well for you, I'll keep an eye out for Dorfromantik!